comment 1.

well I do like to chat about things of my self from time to time

it can get really boring just hearing about me right....joking...really


 comment 2.

well I love to ware things that I think represent who I am as a person and I love books

in a way they both go hand and hand....Im also buying jeans and other crap lol don't be alarmed if I say crap

it just means that Im bored at the time..not always though

hoodies are nice to ware too but it gets irratating after awhile

oh and don't forget to go to for this cool pic of L and other characters of DEATH NOTE!!

 comment 3. SEE!!! this is what Im talking about...I try to get alone time and I have family and friends just coming in and out

thinking that they can do that all they want....I mean I like the fact that it shows they care but come ON!

truth be told I don't even have my own room! I share a room with my brother...yuk

Im in a house full of old weird can ya sound right now!!


 comment 4. sorry that this comment has no picture to support it but Im currently working on something

and I've been reading books and hanging out with my friend gary and chatting

it's nice to come back and write more comments...I just hope that this page can fit all the comments I make lol

ahem! anyway...I recently checked out the anime genshiken at a place called movie stop

I think it was well worth the three dvd's and to get one free....ya.....really can send a message anytime

just kiddin lol

Hello again this is watanuki Im going to be making comments that will be given the date of completion for each comment posted

further more Im also going to be going on  adventures and seeing new things....I hope that my previous experiences in life have helped me to deal with

is surely going to pass later on......I thank all who has tooken the time to read thus far and to keep your spirits up

at this time and date Im 18 years old and Im happy and living will come..just have faith..and take care to all of u!  nov.12.08

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